Onward and Upward— 

After using Tumblr as my go-to site for blogging, then later a poor attempt at figuring out how to function Blogspot, I’ve finally joined WordPress…and seeing as you’re reading this, I’m going to venture that it’s working. Well, that only took a few months. Nothing a little procrastination can’t fix.

I wasn’t certain what to publish first, but an introduction seems satisfactory.

My name is Viktoria and I’m an eighteen year-old girl living on Long Island, New York. Some of you may recognize me from my Instagram @SeelieKnight or my original blog PaperCutPages. I joined the #Bookstagram community over a year ago and have come a long way ever since. Not only has my love for reading granted me access to things I’d never thought existed, but I’ve also made many new friends and interacted with others from far across the seas. I review and recommend books, and for the longest time that was all I had posted on my social medias. But my other passions, such as photography and traveling, are abundant. I hope to explore those with you, as I’ve explored the reading world over the past years.

Nothing will change; I will always love books and will always review them, but when asked “why do you read?” and your response is something along the lines of “to visit other worlds” then I’m going to invite you to join my journey of fiction v. reality and all that which can make a person who they truly are.

Essentially, I can’t tell you what I will post on here (aside from the obvious book related madness) because I don’t really know where my story will lead next. A little piece of everything, I suppose, gifted in a very Viktoria-Aesthetic type of style (whatever that may be). Just think: Books & Then Some. This past year has done its damage on my mental state, and reading has been medicinal. Certain things I’m not strong enough to speak about yet, but I hope to one day explore my story like it’s a piece of fiction…one that can, too, be rewritten and picked apart and revolutionized. Of course, it helps that I get to share it with all of you.

Thank you for reading the first of many. Stay different.

x Viktoria


4 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. So excited for this blog to flourish, and I’m so happy that you finally made a blog (other than your tumblr, that is). Hopefully a BookTube is next? 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you like it! Because I’ve been moving homes a lot these past months, I’m going to wait until I’m settled this fall before starting up BookTube. But hopefully I’ll have my first video up this October! 🙂


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