Begin Again (& again)

I can’t say how long it’s been since I joined #bookstagram (Instagram) because I honestly don’t remember when I started my account. I don’t remember when I started any of my social media accounts, for that matter. All I know is that it took me a long time to accumulate the statistics that I currently have, and an even longer time to feel comfortable with myself after exposing my ideas (me being, ironically, very introverted and shy) to “strangers” across the world. But if there’s one thing I’ve noticed quite often it’s the division amongst social media platforms and fans. Sounds a bit strange, right? What the hell is Viktoria blabbering about now? Well, it’s actually simple…but in retrospect, it’s more important than it seems.

Take the reading community for example. There are, say, a few thousand of us who administrate social media accounts dedicated to books (reading books, reviewing books, talking about books, taking photos of books, etc etc etc). I’ve made many friends through my Instagram page by introducing new books to people who then bond over talking about said series with me.

I love all the people I’ve gotten to know, even the ones with whom I’ve spoken briefly, but that doesn’t sway the isolated feeling I’ll occasionally experience. Instagram is tricky because your feed is chronological so the photos you see first when logging in will be the ones most recently posted. However, my friends from around the globe might not be awake at the same time I am posting a photo during the afternoon. Instagram suddenly becomes an app about timing: when to post, when to check, and when to make sure your friends/followers can view your photos.

It’s more stress than needed be.

My brilliant solution to this, you ask? Join another social media platform.

Start off small, with low expectations. Much like the beginning of your Instagram account, your new (supposedly) #Bookblr (Tumblr) account isn’t going to get mass amounts of followers over the course of 24 hours. It’s nice when you already have an account to then shout-out the other, newer, account because it almost always guarantees an influx of followers you normally wouldn’t receive…HOWEVER…don’t overkill it with the shout-outs. A few reminders is enough.

Some people just don’t want to follow your Tumblr account, perhaps because they dislike Tumblr or perhaps because they don’t have one. Regardless, stay low-key with the “friendly reminders.” Putting a link in your bio is enough.

Another great app to meet other bibliophiles on is, shocker, #Booktube (Youtube)! *Insert nervous laughter* Yes, yes. I’ve said many times in the past that I would start a Booktube soon…and I will…eventually! (Shooting for autumn 2016, friends.) What’s fantastic about Booktube is that you actually get to see and hear the person behind the screen. It is by far the most personal of all the social medias, thus it is also the most daring one to get involved with. If you’re creative but introverted like me, you’ll probably hype up yourself about starting a Youtue account that will blow everyones minds…and then never make one because you realize you can’t talk in front of a mirror without forgetting to breathe.

That’s absolutely fine. Do whatever you feel comfortable with! Push yourself to try new things, but never feel obligated to post them if you don’t like what you’ve made. It’s only natural, and no one is blaming you!

Other apps I like to use to share my love for books are 8tracks, Pinterest, and Twitter. The last being obvious, and fairly self explantroty so I won’t bother getting invested with it. 8tracks, on the other hand, is a free app that allows you to listen to playlists created by fans through using your own tags and cover art. You can simply search the tag of a book title and (if any were created) listen to fan-made playlists for that book while reading the book! This app doesn’t get nearly as many mentions as it deserves, but I’m probably being biased because I make a playlist for every book I rate 5 stars.

Pinterest is less of an interaction app and more of a storage bin for me. I use it to find images to use for creating book graphics that I will later post on tumblr! See? Look how we’ve come full circle.

Now, I’m not entirely certain what the purpose was behind all this rubbish but what I’m truly getting at is this: try out new social media platforms because there will always be more friends to make and more books to be recommended!


2 thoughts on “Begin Again (& again)

  1. Ahh well I’m so glad to have found you on Instagram, one of the most gorgeous accounts I’ve ever seen, I would say. And yeap, to be more interactive, I also joined Goodreads and recently, jumped onto the bandwagon of book blogging! Haha. I listened to some of your playlists too when I was reading ❤


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