prologue & biography

My name is Viktoria,

…and I’m a nineteen year-old university student who works in a bookstore as a barista. I’m an avid reader, but also an avid procrastinator, writer, painter, and dreamer. My life is always hectic and I hope that never changes. My mind feeds off of the vibrancy and pandemonium I face on a daily cycle, then molds it into photography and ill-fitted written prose. I’m a firm believer in equality and intersectional feminism. One day I hope to travel as much of the world as my feet will allow, and then would wish to settle in a  sleepy, mountainous village where the trees overshadow the dreary sky.
(Sunshine just isn’t my friend!)

Most of my favorite stories are derived from fantasy genres, specifically ones including vikings, faeries, waring kingdoms, and witches. That being said, I’m obsessed with the television show Vikings (on History), I listen to the Skyrim OST at least twice a day, and I proudly own a set of elf ears and a chainmail shirt (of which I have worn in public).

I don’t know where I’m headed, but I do know that whatever I produce in this life will be of my own creativity and inspiration. Follow me on here to read about my favorite books, and lifestyle updates about a girl more awake in a realm of her own making.


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